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Advantages of the synthetic grass for football field

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Nowadays more and more people apply the artificial grass to the football filed. Against this background, the following reasons explaining it are mostly accepted by the public.

1. Excellent adaptation to the harsh weather conditions meaning it can be used in almost all areas.

2. Remaining green all the time. Unlike the real grass, the artificial grass will always bring you the feeling of the spring.

3. Very similar to the real grass. It’s produced by principles of Bionics, making you feel few differences like the real grass. This will also benefit the football players.

4. Good durability. It has high density and good resilience and won’t spoil and shrink.

5. It can protect the players’ body away from damages.

6. It is flame retardant and fireproof.

7. It’s economic since it can be used for 5 years at least.

8. It’s environment-friendly as its most materials can be recycled and degraded and it saves the usage of the water.

9. Easy to install.

10. Low maintenance cost since it just needs regular simple trimming.




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