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  • Q Can you introduce your business?

    A Jiangsu WMGrass Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, with more than 500 employees worldwide. It is an artificial turf enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of artificial turf. The company now has 60,000 square meters of modern production bases, located in Jiangsu, Guizhou, and Xinjiang, with overseas sales offices located in the United States. Except WMGrass and artificial plants, WMG Group also supply synthetic runningtrack system materials,Si-PU field systemmaterials,colored EPDM granule. We are also one stop solution provider for sports ground.
  • Q Are you factory?

    A Yes, the company now has 60,000 square meters of modern production bases, located in Jiangsu, Guizhou, and Xinjiang, with overseas sales offices located in the United States.
  • Q Does artificial grass discolor in the sun?

    A Artificial grass is designed to be used outdoors and can withstand exposure to sunlight and other weather conditions. The materials used in artificial grass are typically UV-resistant, meaning they are not prone to fading in sunlight. 
  • Q What Base Preparation ls Required To Install artificial Turf?

    The following is the instruction of base preparation for your reference:
    1- Site cleaning: Remove debris, weeds and stones in the construction area to ensure that the ground is smooth.
    2- Measurement and positioning: according to the design drawings to measure and determine the lawn laying scope and direction.
    3- Foundation treatment: Select cement or gravel foundation according to the conditions, and carry out foundation excavation.
    4- Gravel layer laying: laying 3 to 5 cm thick coarse gravel or gravel layer to provide drainage and stability.
    5- Lay a horizontal layer: Lay 2 to 3 cm thick fine stones or sand on the gravel layer to adjust the ground flatness.
    6- Compaction and leveling: Use a roller to compact the foundation to ensure a solid and smooth foundation.
    7- Follow the construction specifications: Follow the relevant construction specifications to ensure the construction quality and lawn effect.
    Choose reliable materials and professional teams: Choose high-quality artificial turf materials and professional construction teams.
  • Q Will the product catch on fire?

    A First of all, from the production of materials, the main raw materials of artificial turf are synthetic fiber materials, such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and so on. These synthetic fiber materials have certain flame retardant properties and are not easy to burn even under flame contact. Secondly, from the production process, artificial turf materials will go through a series of fire protection treatment, such as adding flame retardants, fire protection coating treatment, etc., to improve its fire performance. These process measures can effectively reduce the burning performance of artificial turf, making it safer in the event of fire.
  • Q Is your artificial grass child and pet friendly?

    Our artificial grass is usually tested for safety and does not contain harmful substances.
    Moreover, artificial grass has good grip and bite resistance and is not easy to be damaged by pets.
  • Q How does the drainage work during rains?

    The drainage system of artificial grass when it rains:
    Surface drainage: There are gaps between the high-density synthetic fibers, allowing water to pass quickly and avoiding water accumulation.
    Filling materials: Filling materials such as sand or rubber particles stabilize the lawn and provide drainage space to maintain the structure and elasticity of the lawn.
    Subfloor and drainage system: A subfloor structure consisting of gravel and drainage panels that supports the lawn and allows water to seep down quickly.
    In summary, artificial grass works together through multi-layer structural design to achieve rapid drainage and ensure a dry and safe use environment.
  • Q How much maintenance is required for your artificial grass?



    The main points of artificial turf maintenance:
    After the construction is completed, the maintenance period should be at least 2 to 3 days, during which heavy objects such as vehicles are prohibited to enter, to ensure the stability of the glue structure.

    Avoid heavy rolling: During the use of heavy machines and objects to avoid frequent rolling, to prevent structural damage.

    Regular cleaning: The surface is easy to accumulate debris, dust and fallen leaves, need to regularly use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to clean, maintain beauty and extend life.

    Avoid chemical pollution: strong acid, strong alkali and other chemicals will corrod or discolor lawn materials, should avoid direct contact, if there is pollution should be washed immediately.

  • Q How to install the artificial grass?

    A The installation of artificial grass please contact us.
  • Q What payment terms you accept?

    A We accept T/T, Western Union, L/C, MoneyGram, or Alibaba Trade Assurance.
  • Q Can you send me a sample?

    A Yes we can send you sample for checking our quality. You need pay sample fee, but we will refund you once you place bulk order from us.
  • Q How much infill does artificial grass need each meter?

    A It needs 25kg sands + 7kg rubber granule/square meter.
  • Q Does artificial grass have a limited life?

    A Artificial grass is a synthetic product exposed to outside. With anti-UV function the grass guarantees users up to 8 and 10 years life span.





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