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Artificial Plants|Fake Hedge Mats|WMS1012A

Product : Artificial Hedge Mats
Description : Boxwood, Artificial Hedge Mats
Available Sizes : 100 *100 cm
Available Color : As picture shows
Life Time : 5-8 Year
  • WMS1012A

Plastic garden fence faux boxwood artificial hedges panels

Definition and purpose: Artificial plants are fake plant products manufactured to simulate real plants. They are designed to provide a visual resemblance to real plants without the need for maintenance and care.

Materials and manufacturing: The main materials of artificial plants include plastic, glass fiber, ceramics and so on. These materials have good plasticity and can simulate the shape and texture of various plants. The manufacturing process usually uses mold molding, injection molding, hand production and other processes

Types and forms: There are many kinds of artificial plants, including various flowers, potted plants, trees , leaves and branches, and so on.

Features and advantages: Artificial plants have many advantages, such as easy maintenance, not limited by the environment, durable and so on. They don't need to be watered, fertilized or trimmed and can maintain their original look and texture for a long time. In addition, artificial plants can also be customized as needed to meet different decorative needs.

Application fields: Artificial plants are widely used in interior decoration, outdoor decoration, garden landscape and interior design. They can be used to decorate homes, offices, commercial Spaces, public places and other places, adding vitality and beauty to the space.

Customization: Artificial plants can be customized according to the needs of customers, including shape, color, size and other aspects of adjustment. In addition, lighting, leds and other technologies can be added as needed to increase visual effects and interactivity.

Environmental protection and sustainability: Compared to real plants, artificial plants have a lower environmental impact during production and use. They do not require watering, fertilization and other maintenance processes, reducing water consumption. At the same time, some high-quality artificial plants are also designed and produced with recycling and reuse in mind, contributing to environmental protection and sustainability.

Product Information

Plant Type: Artificial Hedge Mats Material: PE
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China Item No: WMS1012A
Size: 100*100cm Color: Green
Qty: 12pcs/50pcs Service: ODM OEM Accepted







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