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Artificial grass for football field

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    In recent years, instead of natural grass turf, artificial grass turf is widely used in domestic football fields. Traditional football field adopts natural grass turf, and the turf possesses poor performance in shock absorbency, drainage and seepage, which may affect players' mood and their later use. On the contrary, artificial grass turf is more secure and more eco-friendly. Therefore, it has a wider application than natural grass turf.


· Football field artificial grass turf could stay upright all the time, and it also possesses good flexibility. These two points enable the turf an instant recovery after being treaded. Meanwhile, grass fiber is adopted on the artificial grass turf, which will generate a friction and a strong traction when the ball touches the fiber. Therefore, the players could have an accurate judgement towards the ball's direction.

· The artificial grass fiber features high wear resistance, good quality, anti-UV, high corrosion resistance and good drainage. Therefore, it could be used for diverse sports fields in both daytime and nighttime.

· The principles of kinematics are adopted when manufacturing the grass turf, so it shows small friction and impact when people falls down on the field.

· Football field artificial grass turf is easy to be installed and maintained, and it has an average serving life of more than 10 years. The line marking is not needed anymore, since white grass is shaped in a single run during the manufacturing process. Moreover, white artificial grass is eco-friendly, and contains no hazardous material. Besides that, the grass also possesses acoustic absorption function. 





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