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Features of landscaping artificial grass carpet

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         Landscaping artificial grass is immune from climates, soils, water temperature and other natural conditions. Therefore, it could remain green in different season. Even during the autumn and winter, when the natural grass is withered, it could still provide you a warm atmosphere just like spring. Besides that, by referring to the principles of bionics, we successfully manufacture an artificial grass which has barely any difference to natural grass. Moreover, our artificial grass is quite soft and full of resilience. 

Features of landscaping artificial grass carpet

· Immune to climatic conditions: all-weather use, wide application

· Green for all year round, even in autumn and winter when natural grass is withered

· Simulate properties of natural grass, attractive appearance, soft material, comfortable using experience

· No deterioration and shrinking, high density, good elasticity, good wear resistance and color fastness

· Inflaming retarding, good air permeability and water seepage capability

· Eco-friendly material, anti-UV, non-toxic and innocuous, enable a direct connect with skin

· Artificial grass carpet is made of silica sands and rubber granules, so it is cleaner than natural grass carpet

· Easy installment: It could be used on diverse ground: asphalt, cement and sand

· Easy maintenance: It saves much labor force and reduces water waste





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