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Four ways to maintain the artificial grass

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  At present, artificial turf for sports accounts for a large proportion in the major schools and community courts. Proper maintenance of artificial turf will extend its service life and aesthetic degree. Here are four ways to maintain artificial turf.

1. Using Guide:

Don’t wear 9 mm long spiked shoes to run on the lawn;

No motor vehicles are allowed to drive on the lawn;

Don’t put heavy objects on the lawn for a long time;

Shot put, javelin, discus or other high falling sports are prohibited.

2. Cleaning the rubbish:

Leaves, pine needles, nuts and chewing gum can cause tangles, spots and stains. Especially before exercise, pleases check whether there are similar foreign bodies in the field, so as to avoid damage to artificial turf and protect the safety of athletes.

3. Lawn drainage:

It is necessary to prevent the external sewage from infiltrating into the lawn and bringing foreign matters. During the construction, a ring of edge stone (curb) is built on the lawn to prevent the infiltration of sewage.

4. Lawn dressing:

After installation, it is necessary to clean the artificial grass every week within the next six to eight weeks. Sweep the gravel evenly to ensure that the grass stem is upright and the gravel is even.

In case of snowing weather, it is forbidden to step on it. It is necessary to sweep the snow on the surface before using it.

The artificial turf should be washed with clean water between three months and six months to keep its primary color so that the quartz sand can settle properly and protect the turf stably.





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