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How To Clean Artificial Grass for Dogs?

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Cleaning Artificial Turf for Pets: Detailed Steps and Guide


If you have pets at home, especially those who like outdoor activities, the cleaning and maintenance of artificial turf is particularly important. Next, we'll provide you with a detailed set of cleaning steps to ensure your artificial grass is both clean and safe.


First, we need to prepare some necessary tools: gloves, cleaning fluid, deodorizing fluid, water pipes and brushes.


When choosing these tools, be sure to note the following:

*Gloves should be made of waterproof and durable material to protect your hands;

*Cleaning and deodorizing fluids must be safe for artificial lawn, avoid using chemicals that may damage it;

*General garden hoses should be used for water pipes, and we do not recommend to use high-pressure cleaners;

*Soft synthetic bristles is better than metal bristles to avoid scratching the lawn.


Before starting the cleaning work, we must first deal with some solid waste on the lawn surface, such as pet feces, fallen leaves and other debris. This step is the basis for ensuring the smooth progress of subsequent cleaning work.


Next, we will gently hose down the synthetic turf to wash away any liquid waste or small debris caught between the turf blades. During the flushing process, if your lawn has infill, be sure to avoid using the pressure washer to avoid damaging the lawn structure. Not only does flushing remove most dirt and debris, it also helps remove bacteria from your pet's waste, making it a critical step in eliminating odors and keeping your lawn safe.


If you still have stubborn stains or other marks on your lawn after rinsing, you can clean it with a mild soap and dish soap mixture. Split mixed cleaning solution to the affected area, wait for a few minutes and then scrub gently in circular motions with a turf-safe brush. Once the stain is removed, remember to rinse the area thoroughly and allow it to dry.


In order to completely eliminate the odor on artificial turf and prevent bacterial growth, we also need to use turf deodorizer for disinfection. These deodorizers break down the odor-causing ammonia in your pet’s urine, eliminating the odor at its source. Using a lawn disinfectant before bacteria begins to grow will keep your outdoor areas fresh while killing any harmful bacteria, providing a safe environment for your pets.


Finally, we would like to emphasize that regular cleaning of synthetic lawn is key to maintaining its appearance and extending its lifespan. By following the steps above, you can easily keep your pet lawn in top condition, providing your pet with an outdoor environment that is both safe and healthy. Let’s start deep cleaning our pet lawns regularly from now on and enjoy the fun of outdoor life together!





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