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How To Clean Artificial Grass?

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Artificial turf has won favor among many homes and commercial establishments for its durability and low maintenance. However, even the most durable artificial lawn requires proper cleaning and maintenance to keep its appearance and extend its lifespan.The better you clean and maintain your turf, the longer it will last and you won’t have to spend extra money on re-installation.

Let’s learn how to remove dirt and residue to make your grass look real and pristine.

Step One---Sweep away surface garbage

Use a soft brush or broom to gently comb the surface of the grass to remove fallen leaves, dead branches, dirt and other garbage.

*Choose the right broom: If you try to use a metal rake, you may damage your synthetic turf.

*If you use an electric broom, don't use excessive force. It may damage the turf fibers, causing the turf to collapse.

*To keep the grass blades tall and straight, brush against the natural direction of the grass.

*If you find any pet waste, such as dog poop, avoid using a leaf blower and remove it immediately with a poop scoop or any other solid waste removal tool.


Step Two---Spray cleaning fluid

Add an appropriate amount of cleaning fluid (such as low-foaming cleaning agent) to water to dilute it, and then spray the diluted cleaning fluid evenly on the lawn.

*For small stains, mild soap and warm water are preferred, while more stubborn stains will require special pre-treatment.

*Do not use products containing caustic cleaners or bleach.


Step Three---Rinse with water

After waiting for an appropriate period of time, rinse the lawn surface with clean water to completely wash away the cleaning fluid and dust.

*Do not aim the nozzle directly at the grass.

*Do not use pressure washers on synthetic grass.

*Rinse off any cleaner you used. Most importantly, check the turf or base for drainage issues and make sure the turf looks smooth.


Step Four---Air dry

Wait for the synthetic lawn to dry naturally or use a clean rag to absorb the surface moisture.


Step Five---Grooming and maintenance

Use an astro turf brush or special comb to gently comb the lawn to restore it to its original shape and beauty.


 How to clean artificial grass



*When cleaning and maintaining lawns, avoid using sharp, hard tools and chemical cleaning agents to avoid damaging lawn fibers and polluting the environment.

*Clean artificial grass regularly to prevent bacterial growth and check to make sure no weeds are growing. Once a week is fine.

*For light cleaning, you can use a leaf blower, broom or rake and garden hose. For more serious messes you will need a soft brush, garden cloth/sponge and non-toxic cleaner   

Caring for artificial grass doesn’t have to be time-consuming and tedious. You can make your artificial patio look vibrant and beautiful with a few simple steps. Make sure to take a few minutes each week to give your artificial turf a gentle brush and rinse. 

Through the reasonable use of the above methods, artificial turf can be kept clean and beautiful. We believe that with a little effort and attention, your artificial turf will remain in like-new condition, bringing you pleasure and comfort.





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