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How To Cut Artificial Grass?

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Turf installation is a huge project. Knowing some basic methods for cutting artificial grass can make an already difficult job much smoother. Cutting artificial grass sounds simple, but it's easy to make mistakes. Once it is cut incorrectly, it becomes more troublesome to repair.


A professional approach of cutting artificial turf can save your money while reducing waste and speeding up installation.

Let’s take a look at these effective ways to cut artificial turf.


First, prepare some necessary tools:

1-Gloves (No matter what cutting tool you choose, the first thing you need is a pair of high-quality, cut-resistant gloves to protect your hands.)

2-Utility knife or scissors (Used to cut the lawn, or other knives can be used, as long as the blade is sharp enough to cut the backing neatly)


Second, good preparation is critical to reducing lawn waste, hiding seams, and avoiding unnecessary expense.

Measure and design the area to be cut to avoid waste and facilitate subsequent cutting.

Map out where the artificial lawn will be placed. Be sure to note if it must curve around any landscape features (such as trees, rocks, and edges) and measure it at least twice before making the first cut.


1-Cutting a straight line

When you need to get around an obstacle at a 90° right angle, you have to cut a straight line, which is relatively easy to operate.

When you turn the synthetic turf roll over first, you can see the seams. These stitches hold the synthetic turf strands in place. To avoid damaging the artificial yarns when cutting, we should cut between the two seam lines.If you plan to place another piece of turf next to the one you are cutting, you must keep the distance between stitches the same.


2-Cutting an S-Shaped Seam

If you want to cut an S-shaped seam to connect two pieces of turf together, you will need to mark it in advance with a marker or other auxiliary tool. Or you can use some professional tools to help. Place the tool on the back of the lawn as instructed and then use a sharp blade to cut the S-shaped seam.


3-Cutting to the edge

If your synthetic lawn hits the patio or garden elements, you'll need to cut it back to the edges.

Place the turf over the edge, fold the excess turf towards you so that the back is exposed, cut into small sections along the edge, then start cutting horizontally. After cutting every few inches, hold the turf against the edge to check for fit.


4-Cutting circles out of synthetic grass

To cut a circles on synthetic grass, such as a golf hole, you can first mark the location with a marker, cut an X in the marked circle, then divide it into small pieces, and then start cutting horizontally.


The key to installing artificial turf around a barrier is to carefully cut away the turf piece by piece. Don’t do one big chunk at a time. One mistake could cost you a lot of turf or result in noticeable seams. Carefully cut away pieces until desired result is achieved.





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