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How to Increase the Lifespan and Use Time of WMG Synthetic Grass

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High-quality grass is manufactured from high-quality raw materials and goes through a manufacturing process with all the necessary quality checks and controls. This grass is built to perform its best and last for long, below is the ways to increase the lifespan and use time of our WMG synthetic grass :

1、 Improve the quality of our synthetic grass ,such as

(1) Use the qualified materials

(2) Use advanced machines and professional production staff

(3) Test the grass yarn and grass by test lab of our own factory , ensure the quality of the daily production

(4) Produce the grass strictly follow the production requirement

(5) Ensure the integrity of the synthetic grass’ packing and storage environment

2、Use the qualified the infill

3、Sell the suitable grass according to the exposure Elements of installation location

4、 Sell the suitable synthetic grass depending on the application it will be used for

5、Install our WMG synthetic grass correctly and professionally

6、Inform the user to employ proper maintenance of the synthetic ,such as

(1) Be proactive and do preventive maintenance

(2) Regularly brush your lawn using a stiff brush or broom.

(3) Regularly remove fallen leaves and other debris

(4) Regularly apply infill

(5) Keep it clean

(6) Fix it in time when the synthetic grass is damaged

Conclusion : As a manufacturer, it will be imperative for the factory to increase  the lifespan and use time of our WMG synthetic grass, will help to increase the our company’s product competitive,obtain the customer satisfaction ,and win the market.





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