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Roof Grass

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Many hotels and buildings use the artificial grass on the roof. It is a high price ratio solution to the roof nowadays. The service life of the roof grass is around 6-8 years without any special protections. This greatly reduces the cost for maintenance. Also the turf will avoid direct sunlight to the roof which will keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


During the installation on roof, you need to pay more attentions to the glue when connecting the turfs. The glue don’t need to put all over the turf, just the connection part of the turf. Otherwise it will affect the drainage performance as the turf have the drain holes.


The characters of the roof grass:

  1. 1.      Good elasticity and buffer performance.

  2. 2.      Good permeability reduces the cost of maintance.

  3. 3.      The turf could be recycled which meets the environmental requirement.

  4. 4.      The turf could the reduce the noise from outside the buildings.

  5. 5.      Easy to install.

  6. 6.      No further cost for the maintance.

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