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These are related to the artificial lawn news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in artificial lawn and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand artificial lawn market.
  • How Is Artificial Grass Made?
    A brief description of the artificial grass manufacturing process: selecting raw materials, extrusion, twisting, turfing, bakcing and finally cutting and packaging. The entire process is carefully controlled to ensure quality.
  • 5 Artificial Grass Landscape Design Ideas: Go from Boring to Jaw-Dropping
    Artificial lawns are slowly becoming a staple in more and more homes around the world. In fact, in some places, there are laws being introduced to how they should be maintained. Lawns are beautiful facades that give onlookers an idea of what the rest of your home looks like. Although there’s a bit o
  • How To: Lay Artificial Grass
    artificial grass is now a bona fide option for homeowners who want the look of a lush, green lawn without maintenance that provokes headaches. Artificial grass requires no water or fertilizer, which makes it eco-friendly, and there’s no mowing required either.
  • Matters needing attention in renovation of artificial grass in Kindergarten
    With its good elasticity and traction, the artificial grass is considered one of the best ground materials for reducing foot and knee injuries by many world-class athletes.Widely used in football, tennis, hockey, track, golf courses and other sports venues.Therefore, more and more kindergartens choo





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