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How To Keep Artificial Grass Cool?

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In the hot summer, natural lawns often lose their vitality due to high temperatures and become dry and yellow. They require continuously careful care to maintain their green appearance. In contrast, artificial lawn is gaining popularity as a low-maintenance alternative. However, even artificial turf faces many challenges in hot weather.

In the face of hot summer, both residential lawn owners and operators of playgrounds and sports fields need to take active measures to reduce the surface temperature of artificial grass to prevent it from overheating and becoming unusable. Here are some cooling strategies to consider:

Firstly, choosing high-quality synthetic turf is the key. When purchasing, it is recommended to give priority to lawn varieties with brighter or lighter colors and lighter weight. This type of lawn usually has good thermal insulation, breath-ability and UV resistance, which can significantly reduce the absorption of infrared rays and heat accumulation, thereby keeping the lawn cool.

Secondly, sprinkling water is a simple and effective way to cool down. By utilizing the evaporation of water, heat can be quickly removed from the lawn surface. At the same time, sprinkling water can also remove dirt and particles from the lawn, making the lawn look brand new. It should be noted that the time and amount of watering should be adjusted according to the weather and the actual conditions of the site to avoid wasting water resources and affecting the effectiveness of the lawn.

Of course, natural rainfall is the best way to cool down synthetic grass. Rainwater can not only lower the temperature of the lawn, but also gently clean dust and other pollutants on the fibers, keeping the lawn clean.

In addition, planting trees or building shading structures around the lawn is also an effective cooling method. Trees and shading facilities can provide shade for the lawn and reduce direct sunlight, thereby lowering the temperature of the lawn. At the same time, the natural photosynthesis and transpiration of plants can also have a cooling effect on the surrounding environment, keeping the lawn cool.

Finally, the use of special infill is also a means of regulating the temperature of artificial turf. White or light-colored rubber particles or quartz sand can reflect part of the sunlight and reduce heat absorption. Some advanced manufacturers are also incorporating cooling technology into turf designs, using special types of infill to reduce the temperature of the turf surface.

In summary, although synthetic lawn will also face some problems in hot weather, by choosing high-quality products, watering, shading, and using special fillers, we can effectively reduce its surface temperature and keep the lawn cool and beautiful. These methods are not only suitable for home lawns, but also for artificial turf in public places such as playgrounds and sports fields. As long as we take care of it, artificial turf can be a refreshing oasis for us in the summer.





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