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How To Remove Wrinkles on Your Synthetic Turf?

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Artificial lawn wrinkles are actually a relatively common problem. What situations cause artificial turf to wrinkle?


First: During the production process, the humidity of the glue on the base failed to meet the standard during drying. When the base was wrinkled, it also caused wrinkles on the grass surface. In addition, improper rewinding and squeezing of the grass fibers would also cause wrinkles on the turf surface. If the artificial grass uses a double-layer base fabric, the shrinkage ratio at the bottom will sometimes be different, and the surface shrinkage will also appear uneven and cause wrinkles, which is normal and reasonable.


Second: During transportation, the turf is squeezed and causes wrinkles. Synthetic turf is loaded into containers from the manufacturer and then unloaded at the site. Due to containerization and transportation, there will be a squeeze between the turf, which is also one of the factors that may cause wrinkles in synthetic turf.


Third: Stacking for a long time. This reason is similar to squeezing. The raw material of synthetic grass is PE. If it is stacked in the warehouse for a long time, it will be affected by the weather and the material itself, which will cause wrinkles on the surface of the turf over time. Pressure from heavy objects is also one of the causes of bulging problems in synthetic grass.


Fourth: During the installation process, the infrastructure construction was insufficient and not strong, and the synthetic lawn was not leveled before installation. During paving, the area beneath the lawn was not sufficiently cleared of turf and topsoil. The above may be one of the causes.


So how to solve these wrinkle problems?

1. If there are slight wrinkles, they can be stretched and returned to normal by spreading them out in the sun. Wrinkles formed by squeezing and long-term stacking during transportation can be restored by this method.

Open the grass roll to dry, and after the grass blanket becomes soft, flatten the bulge evenly along the unfolding direction (repeat the operation several times until the bulge disappears).


2. If the wrinkles are too serious, you can cut them with a knife during paving.  

The steps you can refer to are as follows:

At the frist, you can use sandbags to merge multiple bulges into one, and then nail the four corners of the bulge area. When cutting, remove the wrinkles from the back of the turf as much as possible, cut off the excess, and then sew the rest with glue.



Other notes:

How to prevent artificial grass from wrinkling? Here are some things to keep in mind:

1-Be sure to lay the astro lawn flat for at least 1 to 2 hours before installing it. This will allow the turf to conform to the ground base and reduce the possibility of wrinkling.         Allowing the turf to breathe after packing can help soften the backing and reduce creases.

2-Be sure to sweep the lawn by hand or electric broom before filling.

3- If you have a weeding membrane installed, make sure it lies flat and is not bunched up or folded.

4-Always lay turf in the same direction.

5-Never drive nails too deep into the base as this will cause significant sinking.

6-For artificial turf that has been oppressed by heavy objects for a long time, the use of heavy objects can be minimized and the pressure of heavy objects can be reasonably   distributed to avoid concentrating on a specific area.

7-When doing foundation construction, it is necessary to ensure that the foundation ground is flat and solid. Materials such as fill soil and gravel can be used for filling and tamping to increase the stability of the foundation. In addition, a drainage layer can also be set up on the foundation layer to ensure smooth underground drainage and avoid bulging problems caused by water accumulation.






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