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How To Use Artificial Grass Joining Tape?

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When paving artificial turf, in most cases it is necessary to sew two pieces of lawn. Here are some methods of operation:


1-Trim the artificial grass edges

In order to ensure that the edge seams on both sides fit together perfectly, we need to do some trimming. If one side of the seam is the edge of a roll of grass, it is best to cut off about 3 rows/stitches of grass. When cutting the lawn, try to keep the seams the same distance from the blades on both sides. When cutting, be careful to cut from the back to prevent damage to the grass yarn.

2-Place the grass

Starting at one end of the grass, secure it with temporary nails so it won't move. Make sure the two pieces you line up are parallel to each other and the grass direction is the same.

3-Place seam tape

After measuring the seam length and cutting the appropriate amount from the seam tape roll, you can place the seam tape. Remove the previous nails, then turn over the grass on one side and secure it with nails again. Secure the front end of the tape with additional nails first to make sure the tape doesn't move easily. Extend the tape to the ends of the seam and secure again with nails.

4-Peel off the tape film

The seam tape membrane can be split in half in advance, starting at one end and slowly lowering the height of the grass by removing the temporary nails until it sticks to the tape. Once you've completed half of the grass, repeat on the other side.


Pro tip: When you put the grass down, be careful not to bend or pinch the grass strands so they don't stick to the tape. If you are placing both sides at the same time, try lowering the grass onto the seam tape at the same time.


5-Fix the whole

After securing the grass to the seam, applying weight along the seam will ensure the backing of the grass is bonded to the tape. This can be done by gently walking along the seam or placing weight in some form. You can also place artificial grass nails every 1 to 3 feet along the seams for added strength.


Tape width:The tape should be at least 6 inches wide to ensure a seam area of at least 3 inches on each side. This width design helps to achieve a more stable bond with the turf backing, and any tape width less than this standard may affect the bond.

Waterproof: The tape must be waterproof to ensure that its performance will be maintained in all weather conditions.

Heavy-duty material: The material should be strong enough to resist all weather and temperature effects, including UV erosion.

Environmental and safety: Non-toxic and environmentally friendly artificial turf tape can provide you with peace of mind, so that your children and pets can play safely on the new lawn.

Double sided options:If you plan to place the sod on a surface that requires tape bonding, then considering using double-sided tape is a good option. Double-sided tape increases the bonding capacity and ensures that the turf is more firmly held in the desired position.





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